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Hey ça fait longtemps! Mais puisque j'en ai beaucoup à dire et pas beaucoup d'oreilles pour écouter, je me remets en selle. Ma salle de couture est presque propre. Ça prends de temps à nettoyer une salle de couture avec toutes les notions qu'elle contien. A plus
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The dollar store lazy kate I made!
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All I want is you ~ Me gustas, te quiero, te amo (Stop motion)
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This film is sooooo cute!!! With my favorite song from Juno. I love littlest pet shop
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Mmmmmm! nice oatmeal and chocolat chip muffins for my breakfast on the go! I'm really more crafty since I'm in the RVG Style School. Thanks girls for the kick in the ass to live a more crafty life.
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Today I'm getting my new key for my studio. I lost it :-( I'm preparing to send my information to the Souk @ SAT to be choose for this edition. I have to prepare what I want to send and what I want to make. I'm a little sceard(???).
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Finally!! This is finish! After hours and hours of work here's my Jetson inspired man jewelry boxe.
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Only 5 weeks before I start my bussiness for real!!! School is done in 5 weeks. I got a new hair cut today!
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It's a new year. I'm one year older and I'm gonna keep writting here. So this week I just started a new term at school. The last one :-( This term I have to make 4 bags and a jewelry boxe. It's a lot considering I was making only 2 bags itch term. We have to make a collection of 3 pieces. I already draw then but I will let so wait a little and I will post itch week about my progress. In addition, our teacher deceided that we were making a bag to take out 2 bottles of wine. The client have to be a guy. Just what I was wanting to do! I also have a photography class. So I will have a lot of things to talk about.


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So last week I left for Witby! My boyfriend and I where going to visit his father! It was a very good trip and very relaxing. So here are some pictures I took.
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Today I made stickers! A lot of stickers for my shop. I will put then in my pakaging when I send something. This week is my last week of school so I'm so happy! I also made some cards that say thanks in french. And I'm swolly preparing myself for the Sampler! Keep ready guys!

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Hi everyone! I made those earrings to practice for a new kind of earring I will put in my shop soon. I think I will post a tutorial on how to make those soon. So come back to see it.

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My mom found this desck in the garbages. I' m not sure what I'm gonna do with it . So if you have good ideas send me those!

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These are pictures of the new products I put in my etsy shop. They are earring made out of leather.

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